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At Top Dawg we proudly use Miller and Sherwin Williams paints. We use top of the line products from each company. Each company provides extensive warranties of their products.

Top Dawg was contracted to paint the exterior of the new Miller Paint building of N.W. 9th St in September 2003. Top Dawg was chosen for this project because of our extensive reputation and our high quality professional workmanship.

One of our slogans is Top Dawg Has Gone Green.We are leading the way in product usage and knowledge of environmentally friendly,sustainable products.

V.O.C. stands for volatile organic compounds,or the amount of chemicals released in to the air as a coating is drying.No v.o.c. and low v.o.c.products are much better for the environment,Sustainability has to do with durability or how long a coating lasts.If a sustainable product lasts longer then it will take less manufacturing and shipping to make and distribute.

These products are of the highest quality,competitively priced and last longer than normal paints.

If you are the type of person that is chemically sensitive,sensitive to household cleaners,then Green products are for you.With new more stringent laws going in effect more and more, these products are wave of the future.For Top Dawg the future is now.

Top dawg painting always collects and recycles chemicals used on jobsites and at our shop.We have been recycling old paint thinner for about 20 years.We donate unused and leftover paint each winter to Corvallis school district..It costs more to recycle old products than it does to buy them.This shows that we really care about the environment ours and our childrens futures. - Tel. 541-753-9365