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Each project starts with a free estimate and a detailed written proposal. We provide color consultation and will apply sample colors on the project surface. This will help in choosing colors. We provide labled touch up paint for each color at the end of the job.

Our business license number is 48038. We have been in business since 1985. When checking out a contractor to have work done for you, keep in mind the lower the contractor’s license number, the longer they have been in business.

We require no money down to start and finish your project. When the job is completed, inspected and you are satisfied, we will then send you a bill. If you are not happy, we will make you happy. We guarantee your satisfaction.

When you contract work with Top Dawg you can expect a 12 to 15 year life of the job. Except for decks and railings.

At Top Dawg our level of service is unmatched:
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Pressure Washing - Concrete walks and porches

We pressure clean concrete walks, driveways, porches, and retaining walls back to new looking concrete. Top Dawg has a cleaning attachment for their pressure washers that cleans concrete back to new-looking. It resembles a lawn mower and contains debris as it cleans. It is also extremely fast therefore saving you money.

Pressure Washing - Home Wash Off

A light wash off of your homes exterior surface will greatly increase the life of the present paint coating, removing any existing mildew and mold and also leaving your home looking clean and fresh. This can be done with a minimal investment, and will prevent dirt and mildew spores from attaching to the surface.

Pressure Washing - Roofs and Gutters

We also clean roofs of moss, mildew and debris. We wash out gutters clean and make sure downspouts are functioning properly.

Installation of Mildew Preventative Z-strap on Roofs

After your roof is washed clean you may want to consider having Z-strap installed. This is a metal strip with zinc that is installed near the top of your roof that will prevent moss and mildew from re-growing on roof.

Interior Painting

At Top Dawg Painting we pride ourselves in our ability to be professional.We always show up on time.We never show up at your home without calling and scheduling a time before hand.We are neat and clean and courteous.We have journeymen level painters and we will even make friends with the family dawg.Our painters have been with us for many years,in fact, the same crews have been working together for multiple years.This fact is comforting when you are allowing workman in to your home.Having multiple employees allows us to get work done in a very timely manner,so you can get back to your life

We always clean up after ourselves,haul away garbage and keep you informed of a work schedule,so you know exactly what is going on..

Our prices are very competitive with other companies and are the best value for the high quality of work we do.

We start all interior painting jobs by taping off or covering all areas to be kept clean of paint.We do not get a drop of paint anywhere it is not supposed to be.

We are experienced in working around clients and customers and can also paint interiors of business at night or on weekends.

You are asked to remove pictures from walls and move small items out of the painting area.We will move large furniture and put it back after painting.All furniture left in the painting area will be covered with clean clear plastic off of a fresh roll.We can remove pictures and all items and return them after painting.Please make these arraignments at the time of the bid.

We provide sample colors before starting your project if desired.This will help in determining if a surface will require multiple coats,as this affects pricing.In general, interior surfaces do not benefit from multiple coats as do exteriors.So providing a sample before we start can determine if 2 coats may be needed.This may be necessary if changing colors.

Daryl has been in the painting business for over 25 years,he has great deal of experience in helping choose colors.He will meet with you,get to know you and get a feel for what you like.He also has had decorating classes.

We will remove nails from walls,patch holes to match existing wall texture.Then apply a primer coat to any water stains and shoe marks.

We apply 1 to 2 coats of paint as desired to walls and ceilings the same or different colors.Keep in mind that if we are painting ceilings a different color than the walls,it will cost more due to increased time painting a clean line between walls and ceiling,using different colors and more paint.

We can paint trim to make make it look like a factory finish.We use an oil base enamel for a long term durable finish.We can repaint your kitchen and or bathroom cabinets ,doors,baseboards and window frames to make a real difference.Latex enamels are rapidly catching up to oil bases as far as durability,but still are not quite as durable as an oil base.For those customers that don’t like fumes this is a very viable option. We sand all trim surfaces and prime any bare wood before applying finish coats.If we are using an oil base paint,we seal off sections of the home we are working in to minimize paint fumes.We have exhaust fans to help with paint smells and dust.

.Installing new handles and or hinges on kitchen cabinets after we paint is another service that we offer.

We also remove wallpaper,We have a commercial wallpaper steamer that that in some cases is the only way to remove the wallpaper.We can then prepare and texture walls and/or ceilings.We do drywall and plaster repairs and patching.

At Top Dawg we are environmentally sensitive.We use environmentally friendly products,low v.o.c.,no v.o.c.(v.o.c. stands for volatile organic compounds) for those who may have a sensitivity to paint smells.These green products are very high quality.If we use paint thinners or other chemicals,they are always recycled at a waste recycling plant.We have been doing this for many years.Chemicals are never poured out on the ground.Old paint is saved and donated or recycled.

We believe,if you do your research you will see that Top Dawg Painting stands above the rest.You will be hearing from me or receiving a written estimate in the next few days.

Exterior Painting

Each exterior painting job starts with a complete exterior pressure washing.We treat all surfaces with a bleach solution to neutralize all mold and mildew.Surfaces are then washed clean.Remember to close all windows and doors tightly.Trimming bushes back

6 inches to 1 foot away from the surface to be painted is best for us to obtain access to our work.We will do a walk through so you can point out special plants or bushes for us to watch out for and stay clear of.This also a good time for you to shut off any sprinkler systems on timers.Leave them off for at least a couple of days after painting is complete to allow paint to cure.We remove shudders if you have them so we can paint behind and paint them too if desired.Shudders will be re-installed after paintng.

After washing the home or building is allowed to dry.

This is the point where Top Dawg will provide sample colors on the surface of your home or building.Picking colors from a color card can be difficult.When you see it on the surface to be painted it makes a big difference.If its not the ones you want,you usually know which way to go(color wise) from there.Finishes will be discussed, do you prefer a flat or satin finish?There are benefits to both.Satin finish is a sealed finish with a shineWhen your home is complete it will look like a new present..Satin may have variations in the amount of shine that can be noticed when viewing at and angle.This will allow you to wash the surface if dirt gets on paint.Flat finishes help hide imperfections in the surface,such as peeled areas.And some people prefer the look of traditional flat paint.Velvet is a finish offered by Miller paint and is in between flat and satin.This is a very popular finish.We provide up to 6 free samples per job.There may be a charge for more than 6 samples.

We proudly use Miller and Sherwin Williams paints on our projects.We use Only thier top quality paints.

We then scrape all loose paint. After scraping we sand all scraped and peeled areas.Feathering the edges of peeling areas will help to keep the edge of the old paint from peeling in the future.

We tape off or cover all areas to be kept clean of paint.When Top Dawg is finished painting your project there will be not a drop of paint anywhere it is not supposed to be.

A thick coat of top Quality Primer is applied to all bare wood and is always brushed or rolled in to surface.

Any old loose caulking will be removed and we recaulk around all door,window frames and between pieces of siding as needed.This is another important step in providing a sound painted surface.

Finish paint is applied to the surface.At Top Dawg we do Not skimp on Quality or quanity.We never thin paint by adding water.Paint is applied right out of the can.

We apply the paint by litteraly flooding the surface.We then backbrush and or backroll paint into the surface.This will push paint in to the wood creating a maximum bond to the surface and filling cracks.A 2nd build coat is applied to build paint up on the surface for the wind and rain to beat on ,but protecting the home or building for many years.We allow for full drying of the first coat before the 2nd coat is applied.Some contractors Spray more paint on over the backrolled 1st coat while it is still wet and call it a 2nd coat.That is not a 2nd coat.

We then apply an alternate trim color to all desired surfaces to be painted trim color.It helps if you can determine what will be painted trim color at time of bidding as this will affect price.

All entry doors are prepared and repainted as desired.

Using a 3rd color for front entry door and maybe address numbers and some other areas at or near the entrance adds to the dress up of your home.

We always clean up and haul away garbage from your property.

Because we do such a good job our bid will probably be a little more expensive

than some others,but will be more cost effective in the long run.Our paint jobs last the longest and,look great for many years.We have journeymen level painters with much experience and are a family oriented company with all our employees having good family values.Our employees are courteous and polite.You are kept informed of a work scheduleWe show up on time and do the work in a professional manner.Your project will be completed in a timely manner with professional results.We guarantee your satisfaction.

Top Dawg Painting has been in business since 1984.Our CCB or business license number is # 48038.Keep in mind when hiring a contractor that the lower their license number,the longer that they have been in business.

Our employees are all legal American citizens.We pay all payroll taxes and workmans compensation insurance on all of our workers.No under the table payroll.This is important. If an illegal worker gets hurt on your property(falls off of the roof or off of a ladder for example) and the company is paying them cash,you could be held liable and be sued.This will not happen with Top Dawg.We have one million dollars of liability insurance coverage on all of our projects.

We appreciate you keeping this in mind when deciding on your painting contractor as this adds to our expenses and may be why our price is a little more money.

Our work is backed by a 3 year warranty against peeling,cracking and blistering.We provide touch up at no charge.To help preserve the integrity of the coating and get the full length of life out of it,be sure to lightly wash the surface once a year(no chemicals).We can help with this if needed.

Don,t forget to check us out on the internet at
You will be receiving a wriiten proposal in the mail or hearing from me by phone within a couple of days

Wallpaper Removal

We have many different methods for removing wallpaper, from scoring and jell removal to using our commercial steamer. Each wallpaper removal project is different and the removal times vary, depending on among other things, if the wall is sized or painted underneath the paper to be removed. Is there more than one layer or is there a backing liner under the top layer? All of our wall paper removal projects are performed on time and material basis. We can usually guess pretty closely on total project time. Call for a price.

After wallpaper is removed, walls need to be sanded, gouged patched and sanded. To match the rest of your home, walls usually will need to be textured. This is a service we also provide on a time and material basis.

Wall Texturing

Top Dawg applies wall texture to one or many walls in your home or addition. We can match the existing texture. Keep in mind all existing trim and floor surfaces will need to be taped off or covered prior to applying texture. This is performed on a time and materials basis. Call for prices.

Wall Patching

Top Dawg can fill cracks, holes and gouges in walls an ceilings. We can spot texture patches areas to match the existing texture.

Decks and Railings

In western Oregon,we have some of the harshest weather for decks and railings.Water sits on the decks for a good part of the year.Spring and fall,it rains,the sun comes out and bakes the moisture off the wood.Of coarse summer time just cooks your deck.There is constant expanding and contracting of wood.A good application of stain prevents the wood from absorbing water and protects the wood from harmfull effects of uv rays from the sun.

Top Dawg uses the very finest top quality oil base clear,semi-transparent or semi -solid stain made by Cabots,Sherwin Williams or Sikkens.Exterior wood decks are one of the only remaining surfaces that an oil base product still outperforms a latex.This has to do with product penetration in to the wood fibers.

All strippers,weathered wood renewers and wood brightners that we use are bio degradable and will not harm plants,grass or the environment.At Top Dawg we care about the environment.

To wash,strip and or stain a deck correctly,it takes a lot of knowledge,skill and expertise in the correct application of different products that are available today.

First we inspect the deck,has it been stained in the last couple of years,was it done correctly?If it is just weathered gray or silver wood,we wash it with a weathered wood renewer,sometimes multiple washes.This removes the old dead wood fibers from the surface,exposing good wood that will accept the coating and not just come off when someone walks on it a few times.We have specific procedures and products that we use to achieve this.

Using any wood renewers or strippers will darken the wood.After treatment,these products are washed off and a wood brightner is applied.This brightens or lightens the wood.If the deck is 5 to 10 years old we can usually achieve a deck that looks like it was just built.The general rule is the longer the wood has weathered the darker it will be after washing.

If the deck has been stained a few years before,chances are that some stain is completely worn off(walkways,high traffic areas).In other areas it may still be in good shape(under cover or under a door mat)This can be challenging.Usually a stripper is needed to remove existing areas of remaining stain.Again multiple applications of stripper and rinsing are needed.The reason being is if the deck is stained over these spots,where ever stain is left it will sit on top of the wood and it will penetrate the wood where ther is no stain.This will result in an uneven look and an unhappy customer.

Just straight pressure washing a deck with extreme high pressure is actually bad for the wood.This applies so much force to the wood it will seal the surface of the wood,thereby not allowing for proper penetration of the stain.At times we will use a combination of stripping and sanding the deck boards after they dry.Sometimes stripping the wood only gets so much old stain removed.At that point sanding becomes a viable option.We also use sanding to help even out weathered spots in older wood that people have chosen to stain with a light or clear color.

Once we have inspected,properly washed and stained a deck and or railings you can expect anywhere from 1 to 5 years life from the coating,depending on exposure to sun surrounding trees etc…The general rule is the darker the stain the longer life you will get from the coating(see maintenance coats below)Darker stains provide more uv protection from the sun.That being said there is nothing like a newly stainsd deck with natural cedar tone color.They are just georgeous.(see pictures in portfolio catagory of this web site).

Depending on the age of the wood ,how it has been taken care of all factor in to final results.You will get more life out of a darker stain than a clear or cedar tone color.Still most people go with the cedar color because it is so beautifull when completed.We will apply sample colors on your deck after washing to help you make this decision.Daryl will consult with you on color selection and lifespans of coatings.You will then have to decide between longevity or more regular maintenance and a more beautifull looking deck.Some of the darker stains will help hide weathered looking and imperfections in the wood.They will provide a more uniform but still beautifull looking coatings.

Maintnance coatings:

Once your deck is stained,down the road a couple of years,you can avoid the costly process of stripping a deck coating by maintnancing the wood..Each year,or every other year, Top Dawg will inspect your deck.Once we see beginnings of wear to the coating,(1 to 2 years for clear or light colored stains and 2 to 3 years for medium to darker stains.we can lightly wash the coating with a specialized cleaner.This will open up pours in the existing coating, allowing for us to put on another coat effectively.This is much less work, and about half the cost of original deck staining.

This will give you extended coating life because you now have multiple coats on the wood for protection.You can expect 2/3rds to double the life of the coating on a maintenance coated procedure.,than you would with the original job.You may ask why not just double coat to begin with?If you were to double coat your deck with stain at the same time,it will peel.We must allow that original coating to weather at least 6 months before it is able to be washed and maintenance coated.

Bottom line ,if you take care of your deck it will provide you with year after year of usage,beauty and enjoyment.Wirh regular maintenance deck wood will last 50 to 60 years or ones lifetime.

As you can see,this a complicated process.It took Daryl over 20 years of washing,staining and maintnancing decks to get get this fiquered out.I suspect I am still not done learning.As products change,because of new environmental stricker laws and as products become better,I will learn with them.

Any paint thinner used to clean machines,brushes and rollers is always put in a container and recycled.We will never just pour out chemicals in your yard or on the ground.It costs us more to recycle old paint thinner than to buy it originally,so you can see at Top Dawg Painting we really do care about the environment.


At Top Dawg we take pride in our caulking services. Caulking can be that ingredient that makes your painting job last for much longer. Included in any exterior painting is removal of old loose caulking, re-caulking around door and window frames, in between pieces of siding (butt joints) and anywhere big cracks are visible. Also we provide caulking anywhere that it will help areas hold out weather and eventually allow paint to peel or crack.

Getting your House Ready to Sell

We have many years experience meeting with realtors, homeowners about things that will increase the curb appeal or first impression of a potential buyer. For example, an exterior home wash off or cleaning is a very good first step. Wash off dirt, mold,spider webs. This can be done with a small investment. Also, cleaning roofs of moss, washing concrete walks, driveways and porches. All help with that first impression of a clean well taken care of home. Give as a call, we will come out, meet with you and do a walk-thru. We also have extensive experience in dressing up the interior of your home. We do free estimates. All of these steps will help in you getting the most profit out of the sale of your home, with minimal investment.


Sanding scraped and peeling areas is a key step in a long-term painting job. We always sand any scraped or peeling areas to feather edges of existing paint. Feathering an edge of the old paint will prevent that coating from peeling in the future. When it comes to a good preparation for painting, look for the Top Dawg. - Tel. 541-753-9365